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Cane Corso Australia is the top breeder of the Cane Corso.

Our Cane Corso's are outstanding and of original quality (see our pictures, a pictures says more than thousands words).

The Cane Corso is from the Mastif family. It's original name is Cane Corso Italiano, Cane ("Ca-nay") being Italian for Dog, with it's origin in southern Italy.
In Australia he is being referred to as Italian Corso Dog.

On our website Cane Corso Australia you will find everything you need to know about family's best friend and protector - the Italian Corso Dog (Cane Corso Italiano).



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ABOUT US:  Since 1996...

we have been breeding as a member of the German association for dogs - VDH -
the head association in Germany - member of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (World Canine Organisation FCI).

As Germany's youngest Cane Corso Breeder we enjoy a good reputation over the years.

Ayla - 9 weeks   Resi (14 weeks) Best puppy in show



of these past years were annual dog exchanges to and from different countries, visits to German and International Dog Shows and the achievement of titles in exhibitions across Europe, where we either exhibited our dogs or met other Cane Corso lovers and dog breeders.

MarcusSince 2006...

We came to Australia in 2006 and brought our dogs with us so we could continue breeding this wonderful breed of dog. We would like to introduce the Cane Corso to all those who have not heard about this breed before until now.

Since February 2007...

we are breeding as a member of the Canine Control Council Queensland.


you are going to buy a new pup, always try to get as much information about the parents of the pup, the parents health and their past history.

Our Corsos always have been and always will be hip scored to ensure the risk of bad hips (hip dysplasia) is at a minimum. Only dogs with good hip scores will be used for breeding, so that you will not need to worry about the threat of having to put your beloved pet to sleep.

We raise our puppies in a family environment and offer them the best possible socialisation from a few weeks of age. This greatly supports the development of confidence in them as well as a stable character and a good temperament.

CHD or HD - for those who do not know:

Bad hips (canine hip dysplasia) come with immense pain during walking and playing. The dog finds it hard to settle down and relax due to the pain they constantly feel. Support healthy breeding by always asking for the hip score of the breeding parents. As this breed is very muscular it is hardly noticable if one suffers from hip dysplasia. A responsible breeder will do the hip score of the parents and receive a certificate for it.

More information...

about us, our dogs and the Cane Corso can be found throughout our internet pages. We hope you enjoy these pages and perhaps you too, will come to love the Cane Corso like we do.


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